Organic Honey of Cayuna

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Organic Cayuna Honey

Considered the second best honey in the world, it is a special honey in texture, flavor and elaboration.

It is collected above 1,300 meters in height, in the autumn months due to its particular characteristics.

The difference is that to be able to extract the honey from the honeycombs, the beekeeper will perform double extraction: first it extracts the honeys from the honeycomb and the rest that does not come out due to its density if it is not by a totally manual process of pricking the honey .

This laborious work allows us to differentiate it among the best ones, it is collected inside the Biosphere Reserve or in natural parks.

It is beneficial for people who smoke as well as for those who have kidney problems, rheumatism or respiratory problems.

Expiration: 3 years PACKAGING: in a boat 250 g can | 450 g | 40 g.

PALLETIZING: American Pallet | 6 cans / box | 30 boxes / row | 150 boxes / pallet

PALLETIZED: European Pallet | 6 cans / box | 16 boxes / row | 80 boxes / pallet