Honey of Thousand Flowers Ecological

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Organic wildflower honey

The predominant blooms in this honey, are rosemary and thyme, which make the difference compared to other milflores honeys, which can have origin of plants from different countries.

The honey of milflores stands out for a bright tone, a thick density and a pleasant smell. Beneficial to treat respiratory conditions, cough and asthma. In turn, it is characteristic for its antiseptic properties, therefore it is ideal for scratches, punctures or burns.

After the meal a spoonful of honey can benefit digestion and acidity.

Expiration Date: 3 years


Jackpot 450 g. | 250 g. | 40 g.

PALLETIZING: American Pallet | 6 Cans/Box | 30 Boxes/Row | 150 Boxes/Pallet PALLETIZING: European Pallet | 6 Cans/Box | 16 Boxes/Row | 80 Boxes/Pallet