Ecological Forest Honey

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Forest Honey

This honey is very characteristic for its dark color, coming from oak and oak honeydew, is the last honey that is harvested from the summer before the autumn entrance. It is so scarce and prized for its flavor and its content in nutrients, iron and antioxidants.

Produced by bees that release the molasses that is released from the fruits. It is one of the darker, almost black types of honey. Of smell and taste of malt very little sweet. Indicated to combat anemia due to its high iron content. Anti-asthmatic and adequate against bronchial and pulmonary affections.

Expiration Date: 3 years


Jackpot 450 g. | 250 g.

PALLETIZING: American Pallet | 6 Cans/Box | 30 Boxes/Row | 150 Boxes/Pallet PALLETIZING: European Pallet | 6 Cans/Box | 16 Boxes/Row | 80 Boxes/Pallet